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Canna-Solv n-Heptane Ethanol Blend

No Taxes or Permits


Due to Canna-Solv being a Completely denatured alcohol (CDA) you do not need an alcohol permit to purchase nor do you pay taxes for our n-heptane ethanol blend.

Huge Savings


You do not pay the $27 per gallon tax for our ethanol blends , nor do you have to pay someone to keep track and report your alcohol usage which can be a daunting task

High Purity


We use only the highest purity ethanol and n-heptane for our Canna-Solv n-heptane ethanol blend .

How and Why?

Canna-Solv Blended Ethanol is a high purity ethanol n-heptane blend utilizing high purity corn derived pure ethanol and 99.9% n-Heptane. Our blend has been shown to be the highest quality and purity in the marketplace today

The purchasing of pure ethanol for extractions can be extremely costly and time consuming. To purchase pure ethanol you need a permit from the TTB and in doing so all purchases and usages need recorded perfectly to avoid fines and revocation of your permit. If you do not have a permit you end up paying over $27 per gallon in taxes.

Our blended ethanol avoids having to go through the permit process as well as having to pay a $27 per gallon tax. All you need to do is ensure that during processing the batch is heated to a minimum of 95C to remove all n-heptane during processing. Just adding one simple step, or in many cases not even adding a step you can achieve the exact same results.

If you have any further questions on our n-heptane ethanol blend please to not hesitate to give us a call or email us.  We are more than happy to assist

Canna-Solv Blended Ethanol