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Frequently Asked Questions

Canna-Solv distributor of high purity alcohols and solvents fo extractions

Are your products certified organic?

All listed organic products are certified. 

Why is tax included in ethanol sales?

All business purchasing 190 and 200 proof must pay an excise tax of $27 per proof gallon according to the Federal Government.

Are your alcohols blends?

No we do not sell alcohol as blends.  We only offer pure alcohol with water and our specialty blended Canna-Solv ethanol blend.

My order was cancelled why?

Due the nature of the products we sell we can only ship to certain states and only ship to commercial addresses and individuals over the age of 21.

Do I need a permit to order Canna-Solv Blended ethanol?

No you do not need a TTB permit to purchase our Canna-Solv brand blended ethanol.

Can I get a sample?

We sell  small volume packaging options which you can use as samples.

For any other questions you can always call us at 412-208-9330 or